Saturday, 19 July 2014

Jonathan's Cave - The Boat

All the markings in Jonathan's Cave are on the west wall with the exception of the boat in the above photo which is on the east wall. It is probably the most iconic of all the images in the caves. It is said to be the oldest known drawing of a ship in Scotland.
There is a lot of salt deposit on the wall of the cave and I found it difficult to pick out the outline of the boat in the photo I'd taken. After a bit of manipulation of the photo using Picasa it was a little bit clearer and I was able to trace the outline, although the exact position and length of the oars was still difficult to make out.

Jonathan's Cave interpretation board in East Wemyss.
There is a wealth of information about the carvings and the history of all the caves available, particularly on the Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society website and facebook page.

Recently up-to-date digital recording techniques have been used to create a comprehensive  record of Jonathan's Cave ( Weymss Caves 4D) and hopefully in the future this work will be extended to include the other caves.

Guide to the Wemyss Caves by Frank Rankin and published by Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society.
www. - the website of Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society (S.W.A.C.S.) - digital record of Jonathan's Cave

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