Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Doo Cave

Continuing to walk towards Buckhaven from East Wemyss, the second cave one comes across is the Doo Cave. 
 The entrance to the Doo Cave.
In past times the cave was used as a doocote and there are many pigeon boxes that have been carved out of the wall of the cave.

There are no markings in this cave but there are amazing shades of green on the walls. At one time there were two caves here but unfortunately the west cave which contained a great number of markings collapsed.  

Looking out to sea from the Doo Cave.

Guide to the Wemyss Caves by Frank Rankin and published by Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society.
www. - the website of Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society (S.W.A.C.S.)

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