Friday, 18 July 2014

Jonathan's Cave

Walking east along the foreshore from the Doo Cave one comes to several caves that are known as the Well Caves just beneath McDuff Castle. These are all difficult to access, but further on lies Jonathan's Cave. This cave has two entrances on of which is gated and it contains more markings than all the other existing caves.
It gets its name from Jonathan who was a nailmaker and who lived in the cave with his family.
 A double disc with possibly a bird to the left.
 Another double disc with a square above and possibly a long-necked bird to the left.
 Quite a feint marking possibly a goose or a duck.
 A fish with two cup marks either side of its head.
 A horse with its tail flicked over its back.
Upper and lower photos two tridents.
 Possibly carving of a deer bending to graze.
Towards the back of the cave on a high ledge there are lines which are thought to represent Pictish Ogham Script. Unfortunately, no-one has been able to translate it.
 Looking out of the cave, can see that the floor of the cave is considerably lower than the foreshore.
From ancient to modern. Coming out of Jonathan's cave with its ancient carvings and looking towards Buckhaven with a view of the largest wind turbine in Europe - a new edition to the skyline.

Guide to the Wemyss Caves by Frank Rankin and published by Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society.
www. - the website of Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society (S.W.A.C.S.)

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